Wearable Devices for the Visually Impaired.

Technology is always on the move and advances made benefit visually impaired individuals. . You can now walk down the street, go shopping or sit in a restaurant looking just the same as anybody else, wearing glasses …… but behind those glasses the magic reads signs or menu’s to you, magnifies faces and objects and helps you find your way around
Sight Seekers will feature some of the latest wearable accesibility devices now available.

  OCR Glasses Video Magnifier Glasses
  Envision OCR glasses.

OrCam MyEye Glasses.

eSight 4 Video Magnifier Glasses NU eyes E2 Glasses AceSight 1 Video Magnifier Glasses
  Envision Glasses OrCam MyEye eSight 4 NuEyes e2 & Pro AceSight 1


Using your Smart Device as an Assistive Device.


Apple IOS iPhone.Samsung Android Tablet.

windows 10 Mobile Phone.











Using aSmart Phone as an Assistive Device for the Visually Impaired, is facilitated by the Accessibility features included in the Operating Systems of the Smart Device. These features generally include Font Size and Colour, Magnification,Zoom and Screenreader Speech. In addition, the Speech Recognition feature allows the user to give verbal commands. Finally, there are a vast number of Apps, specifically created to assist Visually Impaired users. These Apps include OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read printed documents, Video Magnifiers, Object / Colour / Currency Identifiers, GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Apps for route and destination guidance and interactive Video / Voice / Messaging Assistance.


The Hadley Institute offers free technology training workshops on Android and Apple iOS operating systems . Easy step-by-step visual and voice instructions on how to set up and use accessibility options such as magnification (Zoom), screen reader (Talkback, Voice-Over, Speakscreen), voice recognition, personal assistant (Siri) and plenty more.
Click here to visit the Hadley site and learn how to use your smart device to it’s full potential, giving you independence and enriching your life.

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