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What Is? - LogoWhat is an Audio Labeller ?

An Audio Labeller is a audio labelling system for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The system consists of a digital pen and labels which contain barcodes that the pen can read. The pen has memory built into it, along with a microphone and speaker system.

RNIB Penfriend 2 Audio Labeller - LogoRNIB Penfriend 2 Audio Labeller.
Record your own voice with the Penfriend Labeller onto the self-adhesive labels and attach them to a wide range of everyday items. When you need to identify the item, simply place the PenFriend onto the item and it will scan and play back your audio recording!
Use it to label:
Food items - Including freezer food
Shopping - Label items.
You could also label the name and genre of DVDS and CDs..
Medicine names and instructions.
Paperwork and personal documents.
Plus you can use our dedicated pack of washable laundry labels so you can  name and colour code clothing.
- Supplied with 127 mixed size and coloured labels; small round, large round, large square yellow, large square orange. You also receive 3 magnetic recordable discs, ideal for use on tins. 

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