Mobile Identifier Apps

What Is?what is a Mobile Identifier App ?

Mobile  Identifier Apps are software applications for Mobile Devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets to assist visually impaired individuals in recognising objects, text, colours and currency.

Seeing AI LogoSeeing AI.
A free iOS app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the low vision community, this research project harnesses the power of AI to describe people, text and objects
Complete multiple tasks with one app

Envision AI LogoEnvision AI  for iOS.

Developed after extensive research and discussion with vision impaired users into how artificial intelligence can be a helpful tool for processing and conveying visual information, Envision AI seeks to be much more than just an object recognition app. The result is that Envision AI takes a context-based approach to providing useful and meaningful information, such as
Process an image an extract the information the user is looking for. It can Instantly read texts from any surface accurately and quickly. It automatically detects the language of the text and reads it out in the correct dialect. This text can then be explored through VoiceOver and also exported out. It can read Hand-Written text and multiple paged documents as well as scan and identify Barcodes.
Envision does a great job of describing scenes. You can teach the app to recognise faces of your friends and family and find out what they are doing by taking a picture of them. This also works for personal objects that the app can be taught to recognise.
The scene description and text recognition work on all photos on your phone, right from the camera roll to WhatsApp images. This makes the web and social media a lot more accessible.

Be My Eyes logoBe MY Eyes * Free
For iOS & Android.
Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and visually impaired with sighted helpers from around the world via live video
A visually impaired  person requests assistance in the Be My Eyes app. The challenge might be that help is needed with anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk to navigating new surroundings.
The volunteer helper receives a notification for help and a live video connection is established. From the live video the volunteer can help the visually impaired person by answering their question.


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Tap Tap See LogoTapTapSee * Free
For iOS & Android.
TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired users. The app utilizes the device’s camera and VoiceOver functions to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user.
In TapTapSee, the user double-taps the device’s screen to photograph any two or three dimensional object at any angle, and have it accurately analyzed and defined within seconds. The device’s VoiceOver then speaks the identification audibly to the user.
Tap Tap See can also be used to a certain extent as a Text Recogniser (It will read the text on cans and boxes) and as a Colour Identifier.

Digit-Eyes LogoDigit-Eyes * $9.99
For iOS.
Digit-Eyes is a unique iPhone app that enables people who are visually-impaired or who have problems reading to identify items using their iPhone, iPod or iPad. Digit-Eyes reads manufacturer's UPC and EAN code and tells you the product name -- and often the full description, usage instructions and ingredients -- in 10 languages. Using Digit-Eyes, inexpensive off-the-shelf office supplies and a standard inkjet or laser printer, you'll be able to record audio labels or make text labels that are read aloud by your phone.
Available from Digit _Eyes - permanent labels for your clothing that can be washed or dry-cleaned again and again.

Examine Clothes Colors LogoExamine Clothes Colour.
For iOS
The Examine Clothes Colors App enables visually impaired persons to choose the color and pattern on clothes by themselves.
You take a picture of clothes and it  speaks the color and pattern on clothes.
The app identifies up to 4 colors.
The app identifies 5 pattern variants - vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, checked, plain color and other patterns.