Mobile Dictation Apps

What Is? - Logo.What is a Mobile Dictation App ?

Dictation and voice recognition enables text input and voice commands on mobile devices.


e-Dictate - Logo.e-Dictate Pro – Android – Free.
e-Dictate Pro is an app that converts speech to text and translates dictation into almost every language in the world.

The e-Dictate is designed to make writing fast and easy!


Dragon Anywhere - Logo.Dragon Anywhere – iOS and Android – Subscription Options.
Dragon Anywhere is the most accurate professional-grade dictation service available on the market, bringing the power of Dragon dictation to your mobile device. Providing faster, smarter dictation capabilities, Dragon Anywhere lets you create and edit documents of any length by voice. Use your own customised words, templates, and commands to format and share your documents from your iOS or Android device.

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