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QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboards

What Is?What is a QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboard?

A QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboard is a portable, rechargeable wireless, alphanumeric keyboard compatible with mobile devices. For the sake of portability they are normally smaller than computer keyboards and may be flexable or foldable.

Zoomtext Mini Bluetooth KeyboardZoomtext Large-Print Bluetooth Mini Keyboards.
The industry’s first large print Bluetooth keyboard designed for the Vision impaired and mature-aged Apple iPad and iPhone users. Now there is a way to type on a real keyboard with letters that are easy to see and locate. The mini keyboard is compact and light-to-carry with proven Bluetooth technology that can connect to any Bluetooth compatible device.
The function keys on the keyboard are designed to match the latest Apple iOS. Vision-impaired and mature-aged iPad users no longer have to live with keyboards that are too tiny to type on and with letters that are too small to see. The Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is the answer to anyone who wants to type with ease on a Bluetooth device.

iKeys Flexible Bluetooth KeyboardiKeys Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard.
Though this is not a Large Print keyboardthe the keys buzz and  vibrate when they are touched which makes it possible for a visually impaired person to use it incomfort.
Compatible with Apple iOS, Android & Windows mobile devices.
Bluetooth connectivity.
USB rechargeable.
Roll up portability.

Braille Bluetooth Keyboards

What Is?what is a Braille Bluetooth Keyboard?

A Braille Bluetooth Keyboard is a portable, rechargeable wireless, Braille keyboard often including a Braille Display, compatible with mobile devices. The moble compatible versions are normally smaller than those used with computers.

Focus 14 Blue Braille KeyboardFocus 14 Blue Braille Keyboard
The Focus 14 Blue combines comfort, portability, and advanced features for the ultimate go-anywhere Braille interface device. A highly responsive 8-dot keyboard and seamless USB and Blu+etooth® connectivity make the Focus 14 Blue the ideal note-taking companion for smartphones, iPads®, tablets and other mobile devices.


Micro USB Connector

USB Keyboard
You can use a standard USB PC keyboard with your Smart Device by getting a Micro USB Connectorfor your brand of device. This allows you to navigate and open apps, type in information and send messages.




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