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Devices and Software

Audio Labeller

Assistive Learning

Braille  - Braille Writers  - Braille Keyboards - Braille Displays -  Braille Notetakers (PDA) - Braille Embossers - Braille Translators

 DAISY    - DAISY Book Players - DAISY Players with OCR - DAISY Software 

Hi Visibility USB Keyboard - Hi Visibility Bluetooth Keyboard

Mobile Apps - Mobile DAISY Players - Mobile Identifiers - Mobile Magnifiers - Mobile Navigation - Mobile Document Readers

Mobile Keyboards -  QWERTy Keyboards - Braille Keyboards


OCR Document Readers - OCR Devices - Other Devices with OCR - OCR Cameras & Scannrs - OCR Software

Screen Readers - Screen Magnifiers - Screen Magnifiers with Speech - Screen Readers / Magnifiers

Video Magnifiers - Desktop Maggnifier - Desktop Magnifier with OCRMouse Magnifier -Handheld LCD Magnifier -                          Handheld Magnifiers with OCR - Portable Desktop Magnifiers - Portable Magnifiers with OCR

Voice Recognition

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